Magnetic Moose

Magnetic Moose is always spying the brief & beautiful details – moments of beauty, texture, colour and sometimes the absurd…

So, you may be wondering: why ‘Magnetic Moose’? While I’m neither particularly tall nor overly hairy, I’m a very inquisitive soul who is attracted to oh-so-many subjects, details and textures. I’m also Canadian, so I found a way to mix what I’m about with where I’m about.

And I’m quite fond of moose, actually…

From that came the tagline for the site: ”Uniquely northern, strangely attractive, always inquisitive, sometimes awkward, never boring. Spots the brief & beautiful that’s often missed.

I’ve decided to use this site as a showcase for my photography and writing focusing on those small moments of beauty that catch my eye or capture my interest. I hope you enjoy your visit.